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Reasonable Ball Loading-and-Adding Ratio for Grinding Machine

Add time: 8/23/2015

The material of the grinding medium and ball loading quantity can influence not only the medium consumption, but also the yield and separation index of the grinding machine. Reasonably loading and supplementing balls is an important measure to improve grinding efficiency. What's the optimal ball loading quantity for different types of ball mills? And what's the proper adding ratio of steel balls in different diameters?

steel balls

Taking the commonly used 3600 mm * 4000 mm wet-process grate ball mill by the dressing plants in our country for example, this machine is usually loaded grinding balls on two kinds of proportions: 150 mm: 120 mm: 100 =1 : 1 : 1 and 120 mm: 100 mm = 1 : 2. Production practices have proved that the latter is better than the former. In the proportion of 120 mm: 100 mm = 1 : 2, the processing capacity of ball mill increases by 10%, and the content of 0.45 mm products in the ground products grows by 10%. Inevitably, the consumption of the steel balls accordingly increases 0.15 kg/t. When the ores are required to be ground finely, to supplement balls in an appropriate amount can effectively improve the grinding efficiency.

For the successive ore grinding productions, for example, the production process from weak magnetic separation to strong magnetic separation then to flotation, in the second-stage grinding operations, if we substitute the 30 mm steel balls for the 60 mm ones to be the adding balls, as a result, the handling capacity of the first-stage grinding system increases by 20%. The grinding particle size of the second-stage grinding increases to 85.8% from 83.1%, referring to the 0.074 mm products.

From the point of production practice, the reasonable ball loading-and-adding ratio has an obvious energy saving effect.


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