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    Ceramsite Sand Production Line

    Ceramsite sand is important member of the family of lightweight aggregate, which is artificial lightweight aggregate made of all kinds of clay, mudstone, slate, shale, gangue, fly ash, sludge and industrial solid wastes.

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    Active Lime Production Line

    The active lime production line has advantages of high output, continuous production, high product activation, high product quality, low energy consumption,energy saving and environmental protection, low requirements on fuel, etc.

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    Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

    Calcium silicate board production line refers to production process of gypsum plaster board, that is, the constituted course starting from the raw materials entering production site and after processing, transporting, assembling, testing and a series of production activities.

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    Asbestos Tile Production Line

    Asbestos tile is a kind of roofing material made of ordinary silicate cement, asbestos fiber, non-alkali softening glass wool, paper pulp, etc.

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    Cement Grinding Plant

    The distribution of cement production is to build cement clinker production line in mining area and build cement grinding station near large and medium cities, namely market.

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